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We create space for players to grow into their most confident, authentic selves

We pride ourselves on our reputation for building resilient footballer players prepared for the highs and lows of their careers.

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The Pinnacle Elite Performance & Development

Preparing for a career in professional sports is about much more than just skill and ability. Pinnacle FC’s philosophy is dedicated to the all-round character building of every individual and team we coach; whether they need to develop their strength and conditioning, build their interpersonal skills or cool their nerves and anxiety.

A professional sportsperson will face several challenges throughout their life and career, from rejections to severe injuries that can have a profound effect on their wellbeing and mental health.

We believe in understanding everyone we coach on an individual, personal level. That means training them with honest and constructive feedback, targets and goals that enable them to become the best versions of themselves. So when things look impossible and too difficult to continue, we’re there to pick them back up again.

At our training sessions, we ensure every young player and athlete is learning in a safe and cooperative environment, where they are pushed to their limits and celebrated for their achievements.

We’re lead by our proud philosophy


always come first.


to and supportive of players and parent(s).


welcoming and honest.

unfailingly kind

treating everyone with respect, compassion and dignity.


to develop our skills and continuously improve the quality of coaching.

Pinnacle FC prepare you for more than JUST YOUR sport

When the day comes for you to leave Pinnacle FC’s club, we want you to have developed fundamental skills and confidence that will see you through life and inspire you to be a role model for aspiring players and athletes.

Whether you land a place in a professional football club, go on to become a coach or sports therapist, we’ll give you the guidance and support to help you transition into a successful career that plays to your strengths and passions.