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Training, strength conditioning and matches for young players and athletes at amateur and elite levels.

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Training programmes that unlock young players’ potential

At our trial sessions, we’ll assess the level a player is at and the appropriate programme for their current ability — Elite Training or Development Training. No matter what programme a player is placed in, we commit to their ongoing development and set the goals and targets that will inspire them to continuously hone their craft.

We identify the spark and individuality in everyone we coach and set them up on a path that can lead them to a professional career in sports and football.

training sessions for everyone of any ability

If you'd like to enquire about our BSL and Bilingual Accommodated Training options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

BSL Accommodated Training

In all our training programmes, we can accommodate for athletes and players who are deaf or hard of hearing with our coaches who are trained in British Sign Language.

Bilingual Accommodated Training

If English is not a player or athlete’s first language, we can try and accommodate with bilingual training options.

Elite Training

Our Elite Training programme prepares and launches young players to academy and professional level. Training consists of 2 weekly sessions including pitch work and preparation on a Monday, strength and conditioning on a Wednesday and weekend matches.

This challenging programme is designed to holistically develop every facet of a player, from their endurance and stamina to their footwork, resilience and strength both mental and physical.

Development Training

Our Development Training programme helps to get players to the best of their ability before they can join our Elite Training programme. Training consists of 2 weekly training sessions, including strength and conditioning on Wednesday and ball work and pitch preparation on Friday. This programme is designed to continuously inspire athletes and players to keep working towards their fullest potential whist they train their exceptional skills and natural talents.

Toddler Football

OurToddler Football programme caters for infants from 18 months up to 4 years old. This is a brilliant opportunity for toddlers and infants to start football training at a young age and have fun.

Toddler Football is a great way to improve motor skills, teamwork and communication skills, and we ensure teams are organised in an age-appropriate manner for fairness, strength and ability.

One-on-One Athlete Development

If football isn’t your chosen, we’re still here to help you develop your passion and become the best athlete you can be. With our one-on-one athlete development, we provide weekly strength conditioning sessions and alternative forms of exercise and training such as yoga and gymnastics. If we can't provide the specific training you need for your sport, we’re happy to refer you to a coach or trainer who can help. To find out more, contact us today and we’ll see how we can help.

Team Coaching

If your team requires a bespoke, dedicated training programme at your football club, Pinnacle FC is ready to help.

Like all of our training programmes, we assess the abilities of each team member, their specific skills and weaknesses, and how they can be developed to create one unified, powerful team and collective.

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We want to make sure Pinnacle FC is the right fit for every young player and athlete we coach. That’s why we offer a free trial and assessment session to identify the ability and skill of each player before they join our club.

If you'd like to book a 1 on 1 or team training programme with us, or if you need training that accommodates for deaf and hard of hearing players and athletes, please contact us via phone.

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